Happy to share Parlament short video by Nina & Maria Amat!

The horchatería Sirvent at Parlament Street in Barcelona has no competence. Everyone knows that they have the best horchata. It is indisputable. Some people mix inside the pale drink a scoop of chocolate ice cream. This is the so-called Cubanito. Brown & white. The perfect fusion that first blends and then melts.

Considering the spatial relation between the horchatería and the project (both in Parlament street), this short video seeks to compare through a split screen images of the production process of the well-known Cubanito with images of the apartment.

Those white floors, that Stracciatella texture of the kitchen, those brown shelves. The interior of the apartment experiments with textures and colours to achieve a combination that reminds us of this Spanish sweet and invokes a collective imaginary of pale drink made out of roots, glazed cakes and toasted feelings.

This short video is an abstract proposal.