today @theslowkind visited our last refurbishment in carrer Parlament!

The Slowkind visited our last refurbishment in Carrer Parlament to do a photo shoot of the berker190 model for Hager Spain


Happy to share Parlament short video by Nina & Maria Amat!

The horchatería Sirvent at Parlament Street in Barcelona has no competence. Everyone knows that they have the best horchata. It is indisputable. Some people mix inside the pale drink a scoop of chocolate ice cream. This is the so-called Cubanito. Brown & white. The perfect fusion that first blends and then melts.

Considering the spatial relation between the horchatería and the project (both in Parlament street), this short video seeks to compare through a split screen images of the production process of the well-known Cubanito with images of the apartment.

Those white floors, that Stracciatella texture of the kitchen, those brown shelves. The interior of the apartment experiments with textures and colours to achieve a combination that reminds us of this Spanish sweet and invokes a collective imaginary of pale drink made out of roots, glazed cakes and toasted feelings.

This short video is an abstract proposal.


Published in Europan España blog!

Our proposal with Sara Vima for Europan 14 in Alcoy has been published in Europan España Blog, together with our proposal for an Ephemeral Theatre in Madrid. Both projects got Honourable Mentions!

Link to publication


Parlament refurbishment published in Archdaily!

(Im)movables on canvas

The refurbishment of a “Loft not Loft” in Parlament Street in Barcelona, or how to fill a white canvas with “movables” (furniture) of sinuous shapes that define living spaces.

(Im)movables on canvas


Second class in Alicante ¡Let’s transmutate the castles!

En la segunda sesión, a cada grupo le dimos un concepto para que transmutaran su castillo a través del juego y del cuento. Era el momento de explorar cómo era el espacio interior y representarlo a través de las palabras o la maqueta.

Transmutamos, de un poblado de iglús a una Cosmo City / de un pulpo a un puente agregado salvador de una princesa de lego / Lady Sansa en un conflicto naturoartificial de un sofá que no me gusta / Sphere palace se nos oscureció / Del pueblo de pirámides positivas y negativas a la caja transformable de Koolhaas / La fortaleza pesada pasó a ser una experiencia discotequera / El castillo basado en el número tres nos sirvió para tomar conciencia de la destrucción del mundo a manos del hombre / Y supimos de la creación del Mediterráneo por acumulación de lágrimas de una triste princesa.

In the second session we gave each group a different concept to transmute their castle through the game and the story. It was time to explore how was the interior space and to represent it through words and models.

From and igloo village to a Cosmo City / from an octopus to a bridge that could save a princess made out of lego / Lady Gaga in a nature-artificial conflict on a sofa that she doesn’t like / The Sphere palace darkened / From the village of positive and negative pyramids to the transformable Koolhaas’ box / The heavy castle became a discoteque experience / The caslte based on number three helped us to became aware of the destruction of the world by humanity 


h3o conference in Universidad de Alicante 17.05.2019

Mañana, viernes 17 de mayo, tendremos la oportunidad de conocer y escuchar al equipo de h3o, amigos y arquitectos fantásticos de Barcelona. Su conferencia tratará de ilustrar sus últimos trabajos y perspectivas en el campo de la arquitectura. Durante estas dos semanas han estado realizando un taller que, bajo el nombre de Castillos de Arena, ha explorado la dimensión infantil, lúdica y emergente de un contexto como el de la playa de Torrevieja.

Tomorrow, Friday, May 17, we will have the opportunity to meet and listen to the h3o team, friends and fantastic architects of Barcelona. His lecture will try to illustrate his latest works and perspectives in the field of architecture. During these two weeks they have been conducting a workshop that, under the name of Castillos de Arena, has explored the infantile, playful and emergent dimension of a context such as that of the Torrevieja beach.

Link to University Website



First class in Alicante ¡Let’s go to the beach!

¡Qué es Torrevieja sino la representación perfecta del turismo de Sol y Playa! Cada año miles de europeos vienen a hacer el recargo anual de vitamina D deseando estirar sus toallas en las extensísimas playas. Aprovechando que casi es verano (en Torrevieja de hecho siempre lo es) ¡vayamos a la playa nosotros también!

Seguro que la mayoría de vosotros habéis pasado días enteros jugando en la playa mientras vuestros padres se tostaban al Sol. Palas, rastreles, cubos y moldes de plástico eran las herramientas con las que disteis forma a las primeras construcciones que hicisteis de manera espontánea y por diversión.

La arena fina de Torrevieja es ideal para rememorar ese juego infantil que lleva en sí un concepto básico de la arquitectura: la forma. Castillos hechos sin tapujos, libremente, con un material maleable y fácil de usar.

What is Torrevieja but the perfect image of Sun and Beach tourism! Every year thousands of Europeans come to get the annual dose of vitamin D wishing to roll out their towels on the extensive beaches. As it’s almost summer (in Torrevieja it’s always summer) so let’s go to the beach, too!

All of you have spent entire days playing on the beach while your parents sunbathed. Shovels, strips, buckets and plastic molds where the tools to build your first spontaneous constructions. They were part of the game.

The fine sand of Torrevieje is perfect to bring this architectural game back to you. Relive your memories and feel free to build again with enthusiasm!


Very happy to announce that h3o will be teaching at Proyectos-Zero at Alicante University


Today Adrià Goula has been taking photos of our last project: a flat reburbishment in Sant Antoni, Barcelona


We didn’t win this time! Yesterday we were in Mataró attending the final meeting of Pla d’implus al Centre de Mataró

The purpose of the Competition is to design a strategy and a model for Mataró city centre that includes economic, urban, architectural, mobility, as well as economic, cultural and social dynamism that allow the Center to be promoted as a motor of cultural activity, commerce and tourism integrated into a single speech that highlights its historical and heritage legacy.

Link to Competition web

Link to project presentation



Video of LAUT Barcelona new techno Club

LAUT – new Techno club in Barcelona – h3o



We have been selected for the 2nd and final round in the competition to rethink Mataró city center!


We were in Madrid to get an honourable mention for our proposal “¿Yo soy guapa?”


We got an honourable mention for our proposal “¿Yo soy guapa?” for “Corral de Comedias” competition!

Competition panels


130 Restaurant in La Vanguardia! We did an express change of look (just 2 weeks work)

la vanguardia 130 restaurant


h2o black kitchen in Divisare



130 Restaurant opens its doors after a 2 week countdown


130 Restaurant transformation begins

Today begins the transformation of an existing restaurant into 130 Restaurant. Starts the countdown!


Honourable Mention in Europan 14 Alcoy!

Today we’re really happy to announce that our proposal with Sara Vima for europan 14 in Alcoy has won the Special Mention!!
The jury awarded HEADSINTHECLOUDS “for its explicit refusal to build conventional architecture”.




RMIT-Europe opening

S’han inaugurat a l’edifici Media-Tic 22@ les noves dependències del Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology

h3o hem fet la direcció d’obra d’aquest projecte d’Enric Ruiz Geli



Self portrait

Joan Gener – Adrià Orriols – Miquel Ruiz



New logo designed by our friend Helena Fradera!


The studio

We are in Carrer Verdi 150, Barcelona. Visit us!