Am I beautiful Velaske? – Competition CORRAL DE COMEDIAS Madrid – Honourable Mention

The protagonist of Las Meninas, the culminating work of the Spanish Golden Age, turned into a Trojan horse pregnant with culture  to bring down the enemies of dramaturgy.

Crossing her skirts and entering her scaffolding bowels, like Jonah inside a whale stranded in front of Atocha. Margarita lined up on the same street as El Prado, Reina Sofia and Thyssen. Their new friend for a month.

By day Margarita is a cathedral of light and colors filtered through the fabrics, she is a large structure of shade and coolness. How comfortable it is! At night an illuminated lighthouse. Theatre, yes, but also a recognizable symbol, an authentic Statue of Liberty for Madrid.

A viewpoint completes the structure and allows you to see Madrid from the eyes of Margarita. Who does Velázquez paint? You, people who are the real characters.

Competition for a temporary theatre

Fundación Siglo de Oro

Honourable mention