Competition EUROPAN 14 Alcoy Spain – Honourable Mention

Shelter for thought A generous empty structure contains an adaptable, neutral and comfortable space. An interior where sensorial and intellectual stimulation, human interaction and time conception articulate the proper scenario for thought and interchange, as bases for the innovative pulse. It is not a working space. It is not a building. It is a screen, a common stage onto which individual ideas can be projected.

The creative plane The topography becomes auditorium. The fabrics, which are suspended from the roof, define productive spaces. The forest delimitates a confortable microclimate. The water determine the atmosphere. The equiped spots supply the  building with water, electricity and wifi.The movile furniture guarantees the total flexibility of the spac

Atmospheric artefact A ceiling that defines an atmosphere. The building suggests and stimulates the unexpected, something that is simultaneously common and introspective. An umbraculum that generates energy. The building supplies its needs and provides a space for people experience and comfort. Technology serves thought, well-being and fraternization.



Europan 14 competition

Europan Spain

Honourable mention



Together with Sara Vima Grau