154 social housing in ROTTERDAM, inbo & h3o 2019-…

WOONSTAD ROTTERDAM is building a new residential building in the Nieuw-Mathenesse district, located on the edge of the Bospolder-Tussendijken, Spangen, Het Witte Dorp and Oud-Mathenesse urban districts. The new residential building will house 154 homes and 1000m2 of commercial space.

This is the development of 154 homes at the head of the Dakpark, of which 65 are social and 89 mid-rental homes. In addition, there will be parking spaces and 1000 m2 of business space in the building. As the winner of the Europan competition, Woonstad Rotterdam asked the Barcelona architectural firm H3O to provide the design together with the Dutch architectural firm INBO.

After the residential building has been built, the municipality of Rotterdam will also tackle the outdoor space in this location.


Kop-Dakpark Design

In 2019, a Europan competition was held at various locations in Rotterdam for young European architects. A professional jury has chosen the design of the Spanish H3O as the winner for this place. This design has served as inspiration for the design shown below. It must become a building for people, plants and animals: a green icon that contributes to the biodiversity and flora & fauna in the area.


Housing associations as a solution to the housing crisis

With this project Woonstad Rotterdam adds affordable housing and quality to Delfshaven. The building is for young and old. Thanks to the life-resistant homes, we give seniors in the adjacent neighborhoods the opportunity to move on to this new building.



Woonstad Rotterdam plans to start construction in 2023. The residential building should be ready in 2025.